Last updated: 18 October 2018
A check list of species of the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of the World arranged by alphabetic list of generic names
by Igor Grichanov**
First published: 31 March 2003; Last updated: 18 March 2017
Australasian/Oceanian Diptera Catalog -- Web VersionLink updated: 16 November 2014

 Catalog of the Fossil Flies of the World. N.L. Evenhuis Link updated: 16 November 2014

  • Catalog of the Dolichopodidae (Diptera) of America north of Mexico.
  • Can be downloaded (18 April 2007) Link updated: 16 November 2014
  • Afrotropical Catalog: Sciapodinae
  •           Medeterinae
  •           Neurigoninae

  • Fauna Europaea
  • last update 08-12-2004
  • New taxa described by: NEAL L. EVENHUIS
  •           I.Ya. Grichanov
  •           FRED CARL HARMSTON
  •           O.P. Negrobov


    Australia [Accessed 12 June 2005].
    The Caucasus
    Fiji Last revised 13 December 2007
    Finland Link updated: 4 June 2013
    Hawaii  Link updated: 15 February 2003
    Italy Link updated: 16 September 2019
    Japan Last updated: 16 March 2021
    Latvia Link updated: 13 December 2011
    Lithuania Link updated: 13 December 2011
    MADAGASCAR Last updated: 2 June 2002
    Namibia Revised: 18 January 2003
    The Netherlands Link updated: 28 October 2018

    NORWAY Last updated: 9 November 2001
    PolandLink updated: 13 December 2011
    RUSSIA Last updated: 22 May 2002
    Singapore [Accessed 10 May 2014].
    SLOVAKIA [Accessed 10 March 2006].
    SWEDEN Last updated: 24 April 2001
    THE FORMER USSR Last updated: 22 May 2002
    United Kingdom Link updated: 16 September 2003

    Museum Collections (Abbreviations):

    Natural History Museum in London Link updated: 18 July 2010

    Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology

    Bishop Museum Entomological Types Database and Hawaiian Terrestrial Arthropod Checklist Link updated: 20 October 2009
    It is possible to find all types of Dolichopodidae in the 1st database, printing the family name. The 2nd database needs genus name input.

    The Brigham Young University Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum Arthropod Collection Link updated: 3 January 2002

    Dolichopodidae Primary Types in CAS Collection
    Types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects.
    Please note that CNC now has supplement to the Diptera Types in the CNC Parts 1-3 online at:
    It includes primary types of 7 additional dolichopodid species not found in Part 2.

    Chicago’s Field Museum New Diptera Web Site 
    Diptera Collection in The Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (Danmark)
    Link updated: 3 March 2001

    Diptera Collection in The Zoological Museum Amsterdam Link updated: 15 August 2007

    Diptera:Dolichopodidae present in the Entomological Museum of Lund University

    The Diptera type material stored in the The Finnish Museum of Natural History (MZH)
    [Accessed 1 June 2013].

    Primary type specimens in the New Zealand Arthropod Collection
                                         (NZAC): Diptera

    Primary types in the Ohio State University Insect Collection

    DIPTERA in the Swedish Museum of Natural History

    Genera of Dolichopodidae in the University of Queensland Insect

    Holdings of "Diptera" Species at the USNM: [temporarly unaccessible]

    University of Wisconsin-Madison-Entomology Insect Research Collection

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