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Negrobov O.P. was born in 1941 in the Voronezh city. In 1959 enters the Faculty of Biology and Soils of Voronezh State University. In 1964 he graduates the University and received the Diploma with honours. During the period of five years Negrobov O.P. practised in Caucasian mountains, on Kolskij peninsula and in the region of White Sea, supervised the scientific student society, actively participated in publication of popular-scientific articles on student science in newspapers. His graduation thesis is dedicated to fauna of Dolichopodidae family of Caucasus.
The first scientific work (research) on fauna of the Voronezh Region was published in 1963. In 1964 Negrobov O.P. carries out the post-graduate study in the Zoological Institute of Academy of sciences of USSR (Leningrad) under the supervision of pr?f. A.A. Stakelberg. For 10 months he worked on probation in Berlin university.
In 1968 Negrobov O.P. defends the candidates thesis on revision of Diptera from subfamily Medeterinae Palearctica, in which he describes more than 50 new species, investigates the collection of Russia, and material received by post from the museums of Finland, Sweden, and France.
The expedition works were carried out on Baikal Lake (4 months), Karpaty mountains and in Primorye (the Far East).
In 1967 he became to work at the Department of Zoology of Invertebrates of Voronezh University. In the same year he was delegated by the Society of Protection of Nature to the XIII General Assembly of International Youth Federation on station Oulanka in Finland.
He was honoured with status of laureate of the premium of Leninskiy Komsomol. Negrobov O.P. worked with collections of Museum of national history (France), Zoological Institute of Denmark (Copenhagen), Zoological museum of Finland (Helsinki) and Berlin.
In 1969 he was transferred to the post of senior teacher, in 1975 was elected a senior lecturer (assistant professor) and the same year he was transferred to the post of senior research worker and carried out the thesis for a Doctoris degree.
In 1983 Negrobov O.P. defended the Doctors thesis dedicated to the system and Phylogeny of Dolichopodidae family in world fauna, on which he proposed the new system of systematics of this family. In 1986 he was transferred to the post of Professor of Zoological Department of Invertebrate Animals.

O.P. Negrobov is the head of the Department of Ecology and Systematics of Invertebrate Animals, the Chairman of Voronezh Branch of Russian Entomological Society, the Chairman of Commission of Ecological Education attached to the council of Rectors of Institutes of High Education in Central Black Soil Region, the Chairman of Voronezh Branch of Russian Ecological Academy, the academician of Russian Ecological Academy, the member of Councils of thesis' defence in speciality “Ecology” in Voronezh State University and in Academy of Forestry and Technology, the Head of the Society of Nature Protection of Voronezh-city, the member of two inter departmental commissions on Ecological Education and Ecological Security attached to the Regional Administration, the member of Co-ordinating Council on Ecological Education of Student and Pupils attached to the Regional Department of Education, the member of Problematical Council on Ecological Education attached to the Branch of General Secondary Education of Russian Academy of Education, the (assistant director) and head of Department on Ecological Education of Eco-centre of the Voronezh University, the supervisor of studies of educational-scientific biological Centre “Venevitinovo” of  Voronezh State University, the Chairman of Voronezh Department of inter-institutional Centre on working out the technologies of ecological education (The Centre of Technologies of Ecological Education in Moscow), the member of American ecological club “Sierra”, the member of Russian Interdepartmental scientific-technical Council on apidology and bee-keeping attached to the Russian Academy of Apiculture, the Chairman of independent social ecological organisation “Ecodon”.
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