Grichanov, I.Ya. 
XI European Congress of Lepidopterology, Belgium, 22-26 March 1998

Similarity  of Sex Attractants in Lepidopteran Species in Relation to the
Mechanisms of  Reproductive Isolation

I.Ya. Grichanov

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, St-Petersburg-Pushkin, 189620,

Thousands of Lepidopteran  species use no more than 200 pheromone
components for chemical communication. Tortricid moths attracts males usually by means
of derivatives of 8-dodecenol, 9-dodecenol and 11-tetradecenol, while
noctuids mostly by derivatives of 10-decenol, 9-tetradecenol and
11-hexadecenol. How do individuals of different species with similar
pheromone system, while inhabiting the same area, ensure successive sexual isolation?
Geographical, ecological and behavioural mechanisms of reproductive
isolation will be discussed. A number of original examples for  ecological
(seasonal, spatial etc.) isolation mechanisms will be demonstrated.